Proudly bootstrapped

We're a small team of Melbourne based techies who believe financial management should be simple and straightforward for everyone. Boomeringo is a secure platform that consolidates all of your finances into one dashboard, so that you can see all your finances in one spot – including your bank account, credit card and loan. Boomeringo contains a range of very simple yet useful tools, to help you track and manage your money with maximum ease.

Our Story

When Shammika Munugoda founded Boomeringo, he had the vision of making money management simple, easy and accessible to everyone in Australia.

The concept of Boomeringo came about when Shammika was fresh out of university after years of living as a struggling student. He was searching for a simple way to organize his own personal finances, but fed up with existing money management tools that were time consuming and complicated. His solution was to develop some very simple budgeting tools for his own personal use. He created a simple web app to keep track of his income and expenses. From there he built a platform to hold all of his financial information in one place. What started as a simple cash flow tracking web app, today connects to all major Australian banks and a growing number of financial institutions.


Boomeringo in the making

2011 - Version 0.1

2012 - Version 0.2

2013 - Version 1.0

2014 - Version 2.0

2016 - Version 3.0