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Five Things You Need To Stop Paying For Now

Posted on 15 Apr 2015 by Sophie Wakeham

Five Things You Need To Stop Paying For Now

Do you ever find yourself sitting back at the end of the month taking stock of your personal finances and thinking, 'where have I been spending my money?'. The good news is you don't need to stay in the dark for long; make use of a free personal finance tool and you'll have a clear run down of what you've spent and where, in no time at all. However, knowing where you've been spending your money is merely the first step to getting your finances in order. From here you need to start making some changes to tighten the purse strings a little bit. In this blog post I'm going to outline a few of the most common areas that people regularly spend their money. Better still rather than just cutting back, these are all areas that you can stop spending your hard earned dollars on all together.

1. Books, music and movies. Instead of buying a new book, album or DVD, sign up to your local library and make use of the great free resources. Furthermore you should also check out the wide variety of online resources available to you such as Project Gutenberg with over 46,000 free ebooks.

2. Online shopping. Making your purchases at the click of a button is fantastic way to make use of stress-free sale shopping and using great discount codes. However, shop from three or four different websites and you'll find the cost of shipping really begins to add up over time. Make sure you look out for websites that offer free shipping (there are plenty of them out there) or wait for a promotional period or free shipping code that will bring your goodies to you for free.

3. Exercise. Being a gym member can be very expensive over the course of the year. If working out every day is a really important element to your general well being then think about heading to the great outdoors rather than the gym. Head outside for a run/walk/yoga etc. and you'll save a huge amount over the course of the year by avoiding those hefty gym membership fees.

4. Water. Avoid buying bottled water opting for tap water instead. Fill up a canteen in the morning and carry it with you during the day. Re-fill on the go at work, public drinking fountains, cafes etc throughout the day.

5. Keeping in touch. If you want to make an international call (or national) there are a number of reliable calling services that you can use online for free . Skype is perhaps the most widely known, but you can also call people using websites like Facebook or Viber to name but a few.

These are all things that most people spend money on without giving it a second thought. This is not necessarily a bad thing however; make these small changes daily habits and in a couple of months it's likely your finances will be looking noticeably healthier!

Sophie Wakeham

Sophie Wakeham

Content Wizard

Sophie is our content wizard. She is passionate about brand marketing, growth hacking and creating engaging and informative content.