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Four Ways To Stay Stylish On A Budget

Posted on 08 Apr 2015 by Sophie Wakeham

Four Ways To Stay Stylish On A Budget

If you enjoy fashion but find you simply don't have the budget to keep up with the latest trends it can be very frustrating. However, there are a few simple ways in which you can change the way you shop in order to keep you looking stylish without breaking the bank.

Tip One - Perhaps the easiest step you can take is to re-evaluate your existing wardrobe, it's super easy and best of all, free!. If you feel your clothes have become a bit tired and drab, take a look at everything you have and try out different combinations. Chances are you'll discover some great new looks just by mixing up your usual combinations or by adding a different accessory. If you come across any items that are damaged, rather than throwing them away, do some research and see if you can get creative with some DIY repairs.

Tip Two - Choose the timing of your shopping wisely. Make a list of the key wardrobe items that tend to be more expensive such as a coats, boots etc. and shop around for them during sale periods. Do a little research first targeting different sales and shopping resources to make sure you get the best deals. In the run-up to sale time you can even begin to put money aside for your clothes budget and use a personal finance tool to keep track of your progress; put in a little time saving early on and it will really pay off in the long term!

Tip Three - Remember the difference between bargain shopping and sensible shopping. Every frugal shopper should remember that although it's fantastic to score a great bargain you don't want to sacrifice quality for price. If you buy inexpensive but poorly made items it's likely they'll have a limited lifespan and you'll end up having to replace them. Remember it isn't always the case that expensive clothes will be the best quality - they can still look and feel cheap Likewise inexpensive clothes are not necessarily bad quality and they can often look and feel expensive. The answer is to shop around until you find a quality item that is within your price range, don't settle for a poorly made item simply because it has a great discount! Finally always try clothes on before you buy - how an item looks specifically on you doesn't necessarily depend on its price.

Tip Four - Invest in classic items of clothing that never go out of style. Rather than concentrating on a designer or a specific trend, purchase key items that can be versatile such as a black dress or a well made shirt. Having a good base of classic items in your wardrobe means you'll always have a solid foundation to build upon, furthermore the right items can take you all the way from spring/summer to autumn/winter ensuring you get a great amount of bang for your buck. You can give your classic wardrobe quick and easy updates with inexpensive accessories; bags, scarves etc. so you can keep your look fresh and fun without overspending.

Sophie Wakeham

Sophie Wakeham

Content Wizard

Sophie is our content wizard. She is passionate about brand marketing, growth hacking and creating engaging and informative content.