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personal finance manager software

Awesome features to help you manage your personal finances

Make informed, smart money decisions - Avoid money blunders

We keep it simple. Good financial management starts with a logical, ordered system. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface keeps your finances organized and easily manageable. 

The all important Big Picture in a flash

Boomeringo dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of your finances, providing a comprehensive analysis of your cash flow, budgets, upcoming payments, saving goals, net worth and account balances

Connect your bank account, credit card and loan with Boomeringo

You can connect as many accounts to Boomeringo as you choose, including your bank account, credit card and loan. We support all major Australian banks. Boomeringo securely makes a read-only connection with your account and pulls all transaction information, using the same secure technology as ANZ, Xero, PayPal, HSBC, and Amazon. To make this possible we partnered up with Yodlee Inc. Yodlee has been in the forefront of providing innovative financial solutions since 1999. Read more about our security practices.

Auto classification of transactions by category, merchant or tag

Create tags to track every single expense for one variable. For example, a tag called 'Car' will allow you to track every single expense related to your car.  If you filled your car with petrol from a BP station, the transaction could be broken down like this: 
Tag = Car
Category = Fuel
Merchant = BP station  
You can create a tag for anything, from your pet, to your house, to your holiday.

Maintain Taxable Transactions

With our easy one click system, you can mark transactions as taxable. Your taxable transactions can be exported into a CSV or PDF file and downloaded instantly.  

Easily Customizable

Instead of bank statements that label transactions as: “DEPOST INT ONL BNKNG xxx2264 NSW 2000”, Boomeringo classifies your transactions into human-friendly terms. Our algorithms automatically classify your transactions into different categories - such as “groceries”, “phone bill” or “ATM cash withdrawal”. You can also create your own custom categories, such as “pizza” or “coffee” to suit your lifestyle. Add them and edit them however you chose - you can take control of how your transactions are classified. Our powerful search engine lets you find and identify every transaction instantly, by searching under keywords / price / merchant / category / or date.  

Monthly Calendar View

For those who like to see a full view of the month, this is the perfect tool for you. Identify your cash flow and understand your money trends. This tool lets you see your spending from a holistic view.

Budgeting made easy

Boomeringo makes budgeting fun and easy to manage with progress bars and graphics. You can setup budget alerts for when you are close to reaching your budget limit. Maintaining a budget gives you control over your money, and keeps you focused on your future goals. 

Payment and bill reminders

Never miss another bill payment again. Avoid paying those nasty late fees or dishonour fees. Set up payment reminders to be sent via email or SMS. Payment reminders are easily customized and colour coded, according to your preferences. 

Insightful analytics and reports

Our powerful analytics tools transform your transaction data into insightful graphs, giving the complete picture. You can view your spending by year, month, week, category, merchant or tag. You can compare spending periods and identify your money trends. With our reporting feature, you can view all your income and transactions in a spreadsheet, making it easy to identify where you are earning and spending the most. 

Your information is safe with us!

Boomeringo uses the same technology that is used by major banks and top financial institutions to ensure that the information travels across Boomeringo is secured. We use 128-bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) technology (HTTPS). Every communication sent over a secure, encrypted connection. Data is stored in an encrypted manner using highly complex cryptography methods, encryption keys and several layers of authentication. All information stored in our database is encrypted meaning no one can see that information without the appropriate decryption technologies and relevant keys.

Everything is encrypted!

No one at Boomeringo can see your information, nothing is stored in plain text format, everything is encrypted (when we say everything, we quite literally mean everything) using complex encryption algorithms and methods.