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personal finance manager software

Awesome features to help you manage your personal finances

Bring all of your transactions into one easy to read summary

With our bank sync, you can read all your spending and income across different bank account in one place

Edit your transactions on the go

Inline editing makes maintaining and customising your transactions a breeze, simply click on a title, category or merchant to edit and save your details.

Split transactions

Split transactions allow you to further itemize your transactions into more granular categories and tags.

Export and email transactions with a click of a button

You can easily export a list of transactions to a desired file format or email them directly from the Transaction summary. This is a handy function to have during tax time, simply email your tax deductibles to your accountant.

Auto schedule future transactions

If you have regular, recurring transactions, for example, monthly rent, fortnightly insurance payments, you can easily create scheduled transactions just the same way you create a normal transaction. Simply select the date of your expected transaction and set your frequency.

Advanced filtering and searching options

You can search within multiple accounts, categories, merchants and tags.

Save your regular search criteria for later

More than regular searches, Boomeringo allows you to save your popular search filter options for later. You can add any filtering and search options and give it a name to easily identify it.

Create your own transaction categorisation rules

Boomeringo categorises about 70%-80% of your transactions. We understand not everyone's financial stand point is the same. So to have a more customised view of your spending, create your own auto categorisation rules to overide the default set of rules. You can create complex matching rules. For instance, say you have a recurring transaction with the title "Transfer From Kpmg Aust Serv" on your "CBA mastercard account". You can easily recategorise them under the category "Salary" and pop them under the merchant "KPMG" and classify under the tag "WAGE" and at the same time mark it as a tax deductible. Once you save this rule, all future transactions matching this title will automatically be put under your selected category, merchant and tag

Recover deleted transactions

Accidents happen, if you have deleted a trasnaction by mistake, you can easily recover them from this section