Securing your information is our top priority

  • Boomeringo is a read-only service, no one can move your money

    The read-only nature of Boomeringo ensures that no one can move or deduct money, make purchases from your accounts, not even you. All your finances still lie with your bank, Boomeringo simply accesses information about your accounts making no changes to your bank accounts.

  • Does Boomeringo save my bank credentials on your database?

    We require your online banking credentials to make a onetime connection between your account and your bank, at no point during this transaction we save your online banking credentials on our database. Your bank transactions are accessed via Yodlee, an innovative financial solution provider. Yodlee is the same platform that is used by many financial giants including ANZ, HSBC, PayPal, Xero, BillGuard, Personal Capital and many others.

  • Sensitive information is encrypted!

    No sensitive personal information is stored in plain text format, they are encrypted using complex encryption algorithms and methods.

    Every move is tracked

    From the time someone logs into Boomeringo, that entire session is closely monitored to make sure that all actions within the system are carried out in a controlled environment.

  • Bank-level Security

    Boomeringo uses the same technology that is used by major banks and top financial institutions to ensure that the information travels across Boomeringo is secured. It uses 128-bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) technology (HTTPS).

  • Every communication sent over a secure, encrypted connection. Data is stored in an encrypted manner using highly complex cryptography methods, encryption keys and several layers of authentication. All information stored in our database is encrypted meaning no one can see that information without the appropriate decryption technologies and relevant keys.

  • Two-Factor Authentication enabled (2FA)

    Two-factor authentication protects your account by requiring you to provide an additional step of authorization, usually a verification code generated and sent to your mobile device.

  • We work with the best in the business

    Routine audits are carried out by the world's largest dedicated web security company; McAfee to verify the security state.
  • We have partnered up with Yodlee, an innovative financial platform and a global leader in banking technology that offers a robust set of financial data from over 12,500 sources including banking, credit card, investment, insurance and loan providers from around the world. Yodlee provides the aggregation services of your accounts.

    With over fifteen years of experience under their belt working with some of the top financial institutions in the world including Mint, HSBC, XERO and ANZ; Yodlee provides an extra layer of sofistication between your data and you. Your account credentials are only stored at Yodlee, not on Boomeringo's database. Read more about Yodlee security here.

  • Our servers are hosted and managed by Bulletproof Mission Critical Cloud platform, who host some of the highly trafficed websites including,,, Clemenger just to name a few.